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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Welcome Literate Minds

I want to approach Macbeth as an experiment in literacy. So often, we come to Shakespeare with anxiety. We don't know if we'll understand it or be able to do anything other than figure out what's going on. But then teachers ask us to analyze, synthesize, and extrapolate, and we can end up feeling like we're not smart enough. OR we really like it and see the plays like riddles or wells of meaning and we find it fun to unpack what's going on. Or we're somewhere in the middle. Regardless of how we come to Macbeth, the process of decoding it will reveal a lot about how language systems work. And so to I want to eliminate some of the issues that can get in the way of experiencing Shakespeare in a positive way. I also want to eliminate the temptation to cut corners. So, we'll use this space to post helpful links that will orient us and then use class time to read and analyze the play. I hope we can use this blog often and well.